What’s in a name? Business branding starts with your name!

How did you come up with the name of your business? Is it named after you? (ex. John Smith Wedding Planners) Does it have a descriptive title? (ex. Beautiful Day Wedding Photography). What made you choose your name and how do you think it reflects on your business?

Your business brand is how customers can tell you apart from every other business out there doing what you do, and if you’ve read my report “5 Dirty Little Secrets of the Wedding Industry”, you know that there are many out there.

From experience I can tell you, how you name your business can definitely affect your bottom line.

My wedding business’s first name was a long, three word title and although it was very descriptive, the words often got jumbled or misused. Even when my company was featured in magazines and blogs, the name was sometimes mis-written because it was so complicated.

So, simple is better. That’s my advice. Go with your name if you have a service based company (Photographer, planner, even florist/designer). Go with a simple but catchy title if you have a product based business. What you want is to be memorable and for clients and colleagues alike to immediately recognize who you are and what exactly you do.

What are your thoughts on Business naming? Have you changed your business name over the years? Are you struggling to come up with a good name for your business? Comment here!

PS. You can always email me at marni@marnigold.com to set up a FREE 20 minute phone chat where we can get the ball rolling on your business name and branding!

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